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From The Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra

When Wheel shows up in a reading, it is usually an indication that you are at a critical juncture in the present cycle of your life. 

It is possible that something unexpected is on the horizon or may have just happened. And when something unexpected happens, whether good or bad, it can throw us into a tizz! Wheel reminds us that nothing is 100% bad nor 100% good. What is important is how we respond to unexpected events. You may not feel that you have power over the event, but you always have the power to choose how to respond. And how you respond minimises or maximises the consequences.

Remember everything happens for a reason, even if we can’t see what it is at the time, so facing things head-on, with grace, openness and good humour is the best way forward. 

Remember also that the Wheel is constantly turning; what is at the bottom will soon be back at the top. So, live the ups and the downs fully, safe in the knowledge that “this too shall pass”.