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From The Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks & Holly Sierra


Sun is the card of pure energy, optimism, joy and success in the world’s terms. This is a great time to develop your potential, all the untapped and undeveloped talents and unique gifts that you have. Sun empowers you to see all endeavours through to a successful conclusion.

The reason Sun is shedding a tear is because all too often, we see success as meaning materialism. It is a very auspicious card for the material world, but bear in mind that sometimes potential might be something more personal that has great value to you, not necessarily of a monetary nature. So, you may find yourself presented with an opportunity, and your initial reaction is “I couldn’t possibly!” If that happens, Sun is asking you to think carefully. Why not?

There are many ways to reach your full potential, and chances are you haven’t thought of half of them. Let Sun shed some light on that, and move forward!