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From The Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks & Holly Sierra

The Ravens are the archetypal tricksters. They are all about magic and mysticism and synchronicities.

This card often turns up when you are feeling eager for change; something is bubbling up, something exciting, even if you’re not sure exactly what. The Ravens are encouraging you to practice mindfulness and keep a good look out for synchronicities occurring in your life. Don’t let them pass by unnoticed! And when you do notice the “signs”, take action…this is the card of now!

The only slight caution with this card (remember these are the tricksters) is to make sure you don’t cut ethical corners. If you see others flouting rules and regulations, you might be tempted to think “why not me too?” But keep in mind, you need to succeed in a way that you can be honest and open about…not ashamed of.