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Herne the Hunter

From The Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks & Holly Sierra

Herne the Hunter symbolises the dogged might of your willpower. Now is the time for you to firmly take the reigns and choose your own route. This is a powerful card that foretells success…but you have to use your own impetus to get moving.

Chances are, there are major changes afoot and you might have been feeling the winds of change blowing for a while now. Sometimes Herne the Hunter shows up when you feel like you have been being carried in a direction you don’t like…as though you’ve just been doing what other people expected you to do. The future may be feeling a bit uncertain, as it’s always daunting moving away from what is familiar to you, but you are being encouraged to follow your own path.

The only caution that comes with Herne is if you find you are constantly changing external circumstances, when it’s an inner blockage. For instance, changing jobs at the first setback, not sticking with relationships if the going gets a bit tough, constantly having new friends and interests, but finding that your enthusiasm cools rapidly. Make sure you are changing the right things, and not just moving the old play to a new theatre with a different cast.