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Sunset at Benirras

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I rarely venture out at night, even though I live on what is commonly known as the party capital of the planet. I’m more of a day-time kind of gal and prefer to stay in my little house with my cat, reading, writing, surfing or watching movies after the sun goes down.

However, my good friend, Jade, convinced (bullied!) me into going out with her to watch the sunset on the evening of the new moon…and I’ve got to say, it was nothing short of awesome!!

Inspiring conversations, a glass of wine on the beach; the gentle sound of the sea; drumming in the distance; mouth-watering scents from the nearby restaurant; a chilled, relaxed vibe; glorious sunset and….oh yeah….that dude right there. See him? He was standing on his head for at least 10 minutes. Respect. Welcome to Friday night at Benirras!!!