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Myk the Myomancer

From the Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth

Attention to details is important at this time. Little things are no only important in themselves, but they also give you important information about larger things.

Look for the hidden meaning in ordinary objects, happenings, and experiences. Life is trying to teach you something by speaking to you gently. With luck and application, you will get the message before it has to speak to you more loudly. Pay attention to your dreams, to any “coincidences” and synchronicities in your life, songs you happen to hear on the radio that may be of significance, and body language in others.

The clues to the answers you seek and the things you need to know are all around you. You are surrounded by omens, portents and signs, but they are not always emblazoned in giant letters on bill-boards or sides of buses!  They are in the small happenings in your life.

Be awake and aware.