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This photo was taken on Tuesday 23rd December at Es Cavallet, way down on the south coast of Ibiza. My editor-in-chief and I were celebrating our “office Christmas party” at the spectacular restaurant La Escollera. We might not (yet) be the biggest team in the world, but we had a fabulous time and I’ve no doubt that once we launch our new website in 2015 (keep tuned in for more on that very soon), next year’s staff party will take over the entire restaurant!!

In the meanwhile, this was my ninth Christmas here in Ibiza and having lived on this magical, magnetic island for so long, nothing much surprises me anymore. Except for the fact that I can sit outside wearing short sleeves and shades two days before Christmas…and still be roasting.

For a Yorkshire girl like myself, I suspect – and hope – that this will continue to blow my mind for years to come!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season wherever you are, however you are celebrating, and whatever the weather is like!