I can scarcely believe I am about to celebrate my 9th Christmas here on Ibiza!!

Admittedly, there are elements of the traditional English Christmas that I miss. Family, Licorice Allsorts, that cosy Christmas feeling when it’s freezing (sometimes snowing) outside. And elements that I don’t miss at all. Blatant consumerism, queues in Argos, the Queen’s speech, blah, blah, blah.

Christmas on Ibiza is a much more understated and less-hyped affair, even amongst the kids who look forward more to Three Kings Day on 6th January. I’ve got used to the differences over the years. Christmas morning tapas at my favourite bar rather than sherry and mince pies. A stroll on the beach as opposed to a walk around the block to “walk off dinner”, and not a Christmas cracker in sight!

But my favourite difference by far is seeing a Christmas tree standing proud amidst the palm trees. Now, that is something I never saw in Yorkshire! I guess it just reminds me how blessed I am to live year-round on this beautiful island of Ibiza, whilst still playing tribute to the traditions that will always have a warm place in my heart.

(Photo taken yesterday in my home town of Santa Eulalia, on the north-east coast of Ibiza).