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Ibiza faery dells in Autumn


It’s that gorgeous time of the year on Ibiza. The lunacy of the summer season is over for another year, and we island residents can glide gently and gratefully into winter without having to elbow our way through throngs of holiday-makers at every turn!

It is the perfect climate for walking and (after the storms and torrential rain that routinely herald the end of summer) to really see Ibiza at her most glorious, vibrant and beautiful best.

There’s a veritable plethora of walks and hikes to be had on this little island. You can choose a craggy coastal route, trek through the pine forests, climb mountains…hell, you can even join an organised walk and pay a “suggested donation” to be lead on the supposed best ones!

No doubt, they are all spectacular and well worth experiencing at some point. But when you fancy a quick break from your computer, and can stumble across something like this gorgeous, dappled faery-dell just ten minutes away from your door (and a main road), then you realise just how much beauty is crammed into our gorgeous island of Ibiza.

And how little effort or fanfare is needed to discover it.

Thanks Ibiza…you’re bloody gorgeous!!!